How to Build an Unbreakable Adobe Wall

Build an Unbreakable Adobe Wall

For many years now, adobe still seems a preferred building material. Its use date back many centuries ago, and some of those buildings exist up to date. Other than being an old age material, it is durable, very easy to make and can survive hot and dry climates. This makes it one of the best choices to settle on during your next construction project. Here is an approach on how to build an unbreakable adobe wall.


Start with preparing the adobe bricks. When you are convinced that you need to make an adobe house, preparation comes first. First, start by setting aside a pit where the preparation will take place. The pit allows you to mix clay, water, and sad easily. Before that, ensure you have tested the soil to confirm whether it is suitable enough. Among the tests is the jar test, when you fill soil sample in a jar, dissolve it in water and check the results the next day.

Have the materials ready. In this case, you will require sand, straw, and clay. Because you are building unbreakable adobe bricks, get 50% sand volume, 10 – 20% straw, and 30 – 40% clay. You need to be very cautious about the volume to ensure your purposes are met. Besides, you need bricks that will serve you for many years.

Mix the materials in your pit, and add water. Ensure the water added is enough for mixing the components. When mixing, do it with your legs. It is an efficient and easy way. However, ensure the mixture does not contain any dry patches. At this moment, you can comfortably add straw on the mixture.

Because you are mixing with your legs, remove any straw that you feel might harm you. Keep mixing and when hard to knead and fairly preferred, put them on your brick form. When putting on the form, ensure it holds all the corners to have a very solid and well-shaped adobe brick, repeat the procedure in other bricks. Leave them for less than an hour and later on stand them to dry further. It might take a week to have durable adobe bricks.

Building the Wall

Building the wall comes next after you have the bricks ready. The process requires you to be keen to avoid mistakes that might make the structure weak. Key things to observe in this stage is having a strong foundation and observing measurements. You do not want your wall to bend, because this makes it exposed to breaking. If you are ready to do the right thing, go ahead and commence the adobe wall building process. If you choose someone to help, well, and good, all that you need is an unbreakable adobe wall.

Every construction starts with laying a foundation. In adobe construction, it is advisable to have strong stones and gravel as part of the foundation. The gravel is easily available, and you need to get an adequate amount based on the size of the adobe house you intend to construct. Once you have laid adequate stones, lay the bricks flat on your foundation. It creates a large surface making the foundation strong.

Ensure they align, then seal them with mortar. In this case, the mortar will be a mud mixture. Adding mortar at 2.5 to 10cm will make the construction strong. Sometimes, the mortar added depends on the size of the bricks. Ensure that the mortar holds the bricks entirely and strongly.

Plastering and Texturing the Wall

Plastering aims to give the wall a beautiful look. While plastering, it is advisable to use a mud mixture. Unlike the mixture used in joining the bricks, the mud mixture here needs to be a little bit dry. Another thing to note is that plastering does not happen immediately you finish building the wall. Ensure you have finished the wall construction, and it is dry. Adobe is at times prone to stains, erosion and other damages. The only way to avoid that is ensuring you carry out extensive finishing and protection on your wall. Some of the things you can do include burnishing the plaster as it continues to dry, misting it with water, or adding a liquid wax seal.