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Cheapest Ways to Build a House: Strategies You Need to Know

Cheapest Ways to Build a House

House building can be an expensive endeavor due to various requirements needed from land acquisition to the actual construction. This has led to many house owners spending a lot of money on building projects. The use of shoddy construction plans and involvement of fake contractors mainly causes this. Here are some of the cheapest ways to build a house. All the strategies you want to know are explained in detail.

Strategies in Building a House

Use a Simple Design

The first step in construction is designing. At this stage, a building owner comes up with the preferred house specification based on his or her needs. There are many types of house designs, depending on the number of bedrooms, shape, house size, and materials to be used. Usually, an aspiring homeowner should come up with an idea of the desired house and relay it to an architect who puts it on paper. You should seek guidance from a professional, despite how simple your idea might seem to be.

Use Cheap Building Materials

Brick and mortar are the widely preferred building materials. This, however, can be expensive, depending on your location. The high cost of labor and time used in construction added to the expense of buying bricks, sand, and cement makes it even more expensive.

In that case, one should adopt the use of other cheaper materials, which take a shorter period to complete construction. Materials such as prefabricated panels and interlocking bricks are readily available in the market and are cost-effective as well.

Choose an Affordable Contractor

If you are not doing the construction by yourself, you should consider hiring a contractor. An expert who will undertakes a contract to provide materials and labor for a construction project. One should, therefore, choose an affordable contractor based on the type of service offered and the amount of money quoted. However, it would be best if you kept an eye for fraud contractors who incorporate substandard materials leading to weak buildings.

Acquire your Building Materials

Building materials range from brick and mortar to roofing materials and paint. It’s advisable to acquire the materials by yourself to avoid overcharges from the contractors or dealers. Look for the most affordable materials and suppliers with better deals such as delivery or warranty for certain goods. This will help in saving money which could have been lost if you involved another party.

Supervise your Work

Proper supervision is essential in every work. This helps in avoiding cases of theft and laziness, which is a significant setback, especially in constructions. Ideally, it is suitable to supervise your building to ensure that everything turns out well. However, if your availability is not guaranteed, you can hire a trusted supervisor to oversee the construction on your behalf. The supervisor should supervise every aspect of the building, just as you could have done.

Reuse Materials

Anyone would love to be cost-effective. Therefore, there is no any other cost-effectiveness in construction other than reusing or recycling materials used. If you are supervising the construction, then you have no limitation in doing whatever it takes to minimize the cost of the project. Instead of buying some building equipment such as hammers wheelbarrows and spades, hire such equipment or those that were used in previous projects. This will undoubtedly cut your budget down to a reasonable amount.

Have a Well Laid Out Plan

One of the things that mess most people mostly is having half-baked plans. Before commencing the construction project, you must formulate a plan that encompasses the possible outcomes and their solution. This will significantly help you to avoid delays in case of a change of material or market fluctuations, which cause extra expenses from contractors or suppliers.

Incorporate the Use of Energy Efficient Features

Energy efficiency is an important aspect to consider while building your house, whether for residential use or commercial use. Certain energy-efficient products come with a tax credit, which will help in reducing the amount spent. Although some of the products are expensive, you’ll reduce the expenses in the long-run. Such energy-efficient features include solar panels for water heating and lighting and the use of natural ventilation systems.

Help Out Where Possible

Some construction stages do not necessarily require professional influence. These stages include painting, interior decoration, and landscaping. These are great avenues to reduce the cost of construction since they are things you can comfortably handle. Unfortunately, your help can be limited to the things that you are conversant with but can go a long way in reducing your expenses.

Submit Your Paperwork on Time

Before you start your construction, you are expected to notify the appropriate authority and get the necessary permits for the project. Some of these procedures can take longer than expected due to various factors. Therefore, it is essential to apply for the permits early enough and fill the paperwork correctly to avoid delaying the project, which may lead to extra charges.


Building a house, whether commercial or residential, can be a hectic process. If you do not make proper plans, you might end up spending beyond your budget, delay the project, or even fail to complete it.

Therefore, it is crucial to come up with a cost-efficient building plan which helps in saving money and time. As the project proceeds, you can make a few changes along the way as long as they cut down the budget in both the short and long term basis.

Building a House Using Recycled Materials

House Using Recycled Materials

Why Make a House Using Recycled Materials

There are a lot of things that go to waste every day. This has prompted extensive effort in eradicating the wastes by making the best use of them. One of the efforts that people are trying to do is use recycled material as building materials. There are many aspects that one has to learn based on this aspect. Read this article and learn a few things about using recycled materials to build a house.

The Best Recycled Materials to Build a House

There is a variety of recycled materials that one can use in building a house. Let’s have a look at these options.

Recycled Cork Panels

Everyone loves drinking wine. However, have you ever wondered how many wine corks go into waste and end up in landfills? Well, there is a company that has come up with a way to make good use of the cork and make all sorts of products from them. 

The company has managed to make use of the corks by making construction products such as ceiling panels, cork flooring, and acoustic walls.

Newspaper Board

A Dutch designer has invented a way to make “newspaper wood” by compressing newspaper and glue them into tiny layers to create a wood texture. The idea might seem to be dumb, but it has achieved a lot in the construction industry.

The final product is waterproof and flame-retardant. Therefore, it can be used to build anything that wood can manage.

Nappy Roofing

Finally, something can be made out of those sanitary products and nappies that are thrown every day. It might seem to be gross, but at the end of the day, everyone has the responsibility of keeping the environment free from pollution. 

Nappies are being recycled by separating polymer from organic waste to create a fiber base for construction materials.

Bark Siding

Loggers usually do away with tree barks and use the rest of the tree for their usage. However, a company known as BarkClad has found a way to repurpose tree bark to make natural bark siding. The company usually recycle the bark sliding and engineer it to a rustic construction panel that can work in both the interior and exterior of a house.

Recycled Steel

A lot of steel goes to waste in various construction applications. Such waste can be made into good use by recycling into new products. The recycled steel still has properties that other steel has and can be used in the same way as the original product.

Recycled Glass

A company by the name FireClay Tile has discovered a way to make use of recycled glass into making beautiful glass tiles. The company has been making their products out of recycled waste found in the solar and window industry. 

The recycled glass is also made through a VOC- free pigmentation process making it an Eco-friendly procedure as well.

Recycled Plastic Blocks

Plastic has been a significant problem when it comes to pollution. Fortunately, there is a way around through the making of plastic blocks that can help in reducing their pollution. 

A company by the name ByFusiion has developed a method of compressing plastic into building modules. The company utilizes a non-toxic manufacturing process, which reduces the level of pollution altogether.

Recycled Boards

A lot of sawdust, magnesium, and fiber cloth get into waste every day. However, there is a UK based company that has come up with a way to utilize these by-products.

This is by creating a fire-resistant board that can be used in different projects such as internal partitioning, roof lining, underlay systems, and wall lining. 

The material is made through a natural drying and curing process, making it completely safe for the environment.

Smog Insulators

Smog insulators represent another significant type of waste product. However, they can also be recycled and made of good use in the construction industry. The company in charge of reducing smog pollution has invented a metal mesh wire that attracts smog particles and sticks them together. 

This results in a silvery furry appearance on the surface of the building, which might not be attractive but can save you from the effects of inhaling smog.

Benefits of Recycled Materials

There are a lot of benefits that result from using recycled materials in construction. Here is a list of the advantages that come from their usage.

  • Recycled materials save on energy. This means that there is a general decrease in the use of natural materials used in the production of new materials
  • Recycling minimizes the need to send waste to landfills and process hazardous waste to reduce pollution
  • They reduce the cost of construction since they are easy to make and produced locally
  • Recycling these products relies on sustainable methods which minimize the possibility of pollution through their production
  • Most of the recycled materials are energy-efficient meaning that they naturally help in improving the temperatures within your house


With the level of pollution that is being experienced today, something has to be done to avoid this menace. Thankfully, different inventions have paved the way for the proper use of most waste products. This gives every constructor and future house owners a cheap construction option, which saves the environment from pollution as well.

How to Build an Unbreakable Adobe Wall

Build an Unbreakable Adobe Wall

For many years now, adobe still seems a preferred building material. Its use date back many centuries ago, and some of those buildings exist up to date. Other than being an old age material, it is durable, very easy to make and can survive hot and dry climates. This makes it one of the best choices to settle on during your next construction project. Here is an approach on how to build an unbreakable adobe wall.


Start with preparing the adobe bricks. When you are convinced that you need to make an adobe house, preparation comes first. First, start by setting aside a pit where the preparation will take place. The pit allows you to mix clay, water, and sad easily. Before that, ensure you have tested the soil to confirm whether it is suitable enough. Among the tests is the jar test, when you fill soil sample in a jar, dissolve it in water and check the results the next day.

Have the materials ready. In this case, you will require sand, straw, and clay. Because you are building unbreakable adobe bricks, get 50% sand volume, 10 – 20% straw, and 30 – 40% clay. You need to be very cautious about the volume to ensure your purposes are met. Besides, you need bricks that will serve you for many years.

Mix the materials in your pit, and add water. Ensure the water added is enough for mixing the components. When mixing, do it with your legs. It is an efficient and easy way. However, ensure the mixture does not contain any dry patches. At this moment, you can comfortably add straw on the mixture.

Because you are mixing with your legs, remove any straw that you feel might harm you. Keep mixing and when hard to knead and fairly preferred, put them on your brick form. When putting on the form, ensure it holds all the corners to have a very solid and well-shaped adobe brick, repeat the procedure in other bricks. Leave them for less than an hour and later on stand them to dry further. It might take a week to have durable adobe bricks.

Building the Wall

Building the wall comes next after you have the bricks ready. The process requires you to be keen to avoid mistakes that might make the structure weak. Key things to observe in this stage is having a strong foundation and observing measurements. You do not want your wall to bend, because this makes it exposed to breaking. If you are ready to do the right thing, go ahead and commence the adobe wall building process. If you choose someone to help, well, and good, all that you need is an unbreakable adobe wall.

Every construction starts with laying a foundation. In adobe construction, it is advisable to have strong stones and gravel as part of the foundation. The gravel is easily available, and you need to get an adequate amount based on the size of the adobe house you intend to construct. Once you have laid adequate stones, lay the bricks flat on your foundation. It creates a large surface making the foundation strong.

Ensure they align, then seal them with mortar. In this case, the mortar will be a mud mixture. Adding mortar at 2.5 to 10cm will make the construction strong. Sometimes, the mortar added depends on the size of the bricks. Ensure that the mortar holds the bricks entirely and strongly.

Plastering and Texturing the Wall

Plastering aims to give the wall a beautiful look. While plastering, it is advisable to use a mud mixture. Unlike the mixture used in joining the bricks, the mud mixture here needs to be a little bit dry. Another thing to note is that plastering does not happen immediately you finish building the wall. Ensure you have finished the wall construction, and it is dry. Adobe is at times prone to stains, erosion and other damages. The only way to avoid that is ensuring you carry out extensive finishing and protection on your wall. Some of the things you can do include burnishing the plaster as it continues to dry, misting it with water, or adding a liquid wax seal.