Building a House Using Recycled Materials

House Using Recycled Materials

Why Make a House Using Recycled Materials

There are a lot of things that go to waste every day. This has prompted extensive effort in eradicating the wastes by making the best use of them. One of the efforts that people are trying to do is use recycled material as building materials. There are many aspects that one has to learn based on this aspect. Read this article and learn a few things about using recycled materials to build a house.

The Best Recycled Materials to Build a House

There is a variety of recycled materials that one can use in building a house. Let’s have a look at these options.

Recycled Cork Panels

Everyone loves drinking wine. However, have you ever wondered how many wine corks go into waste and end up in landfills? Well, there is a company that has come up with a way to make good use of the cork and make all sorts of products from them. 

The company has managed to make use of the corks by making construction products such as ceiling panels, cork flooring, and acoustic walls.

Newspaper Board

A Dutch designer has invented a way to make “newspaper wood” by compressing newspaper and glue them into tiny layers to create a wood texture. The idea might seem to be dumb, but it has achieved a lot in the construction industry.

The final product is waterproof and flame-retardant. Therefore, it can be used to build anything that wood can manage.

Nappy Roofing

Finally, something can be made out of those sanitary products and nappies that are thrown every day. It might seem to be gross, but at the end of the day, everyone has the responsibility of keeping the environment free from pollution. 

Nappies are being recycled by separating polymer from organic waste to create a fiber base for construction materials.

Bark Siding

Loggers usually do away with tree barks and use the rest of the tree for their usage. However, a company known as BarkClad has found a way to repurpose tree bark to make natural bark siding. The company usually recycle the bark sliding and engineer it to a rustic construction panel that can work in both the interior and exterior of a house.

Recycled Steel

A lot of steel goes to waste in various construction applications. Such waste can be made into good use by recycling into new products. The recycled steel still has properties that other steel has and can be used in the same way as the original product.

Recycled Glass

A company by the name FireClay Tile has discovered a way to make use of recycled glass into making beautiful glass tiles. The company has been making their products out of recycled waste found in the solar and window industry. 

The recycled glass is also made through a VOC- free pigmentation process making it an Eco-friendly procedure as well.

Recycled Plastic Blocks

Plastic has been a significant problem when it comes to pollution. Fortunately, there is a way around through the making of plastic blocks that can help in reducing their pollution. 

A company by the name ByFusiion has developed a method of compressing plastic into building modules. The company utilizes a non-toxic manufacturing process, which reduces the level of pollution altogether.

Recycled Boards

A lot of sawdust, magnesium, and fiber cloth get into waste every day. However, there is a UK based company that has come up with a way to utilize these by-products.

This is by creating a fire-resistant board that can be used in different projects such as internal partitioning, roof lining, underlay systems, and wall lining. 

The material is made through a natural drying and curing process, making it completely safe for the environment.

Smog Insulators

Smog insulators represent another significant type of waste product. However, they can also be recycled and made of good use in the construction industry. The company in charge of reducing smog pollution has invented a metal mesh wire that attracts smog particles and sticks them together. 

This results in a silvery furry appearance on the surface of the building, which might not be attractive but can save you from the effects of inhaling smog.

Benefits of Recycled Materials

There are a lot of benefits that result from using recycled materials in construction. Here is a list of the advantages that come from their usage.

  • Recycled materials save on energy. This means that there is a general decrease in the use of natural materials used in the production of new materials
  • Recycling minimizes the need to send waste to landfills and process hazardous waste to reduce pollution
  • They reduce the cost of construction since they are easy to make and produced locally
  • Recycling these products relies on sustainable methods which minimize the possibility of pollution through their production
  • Most of the recycled materials are energy-efficient meaning that they naturally help in improving the temperatures within your house


With the level of pollution that is being experienced today, something has to be done to avoid this menace. Thankfully, different inventions have paved the way for the proper use of most waste products. This gives every constructor and future house owners a cheap construction option, which saves the environment from pollution as well.